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Gryphon kisses a wolf.

Protip: Don't get kissed by a large feral gryphon. It's not like in the movies. :>

Animator: Torvid
Relase: 2019-11-08
FA Page: [link]
Following are some gifs of the animation as it progressed.

First did a rough blockout of the animation, thinking I'd just do the initial kiss and have it end.

To not have to make an animaton long enough for someone to pass out I wanted to make a loopable segment.
Here's the animation with the intro and first loop:

The transistion from intro to looping tonguefucking ended up making it look like the wolf instantly passed out, so I decided to make two loops, one struggling and one passed out.

At this point I realized that with the two loops the animation was like 35 seconds long, so might aswell merge them and skip the looping entirely. Syrrik also suggested that instead of shivering/shaking to imply asphyxiation the wuff should have stronger, sudden convulsions, which maed it look a lot more relistic.
Here's something very close to the final animation, at the end of the weekend.

The next couple days were spent polishing it up, tweaking collision and adding details. Here are some highlights

Finally, the barn scene was ported from the barn game to maya by Ryakr and I added sound to the animation.


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