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Renders (screenshots) of various fun poses, mostly involving Torvid and his cute little anthro victim. Feel free to hit me up with ideas and I might add them here. ^v^


2021, Animations from my game, Stomping Grounds!

2021 Renders

2020 Renders

2019 Renders

2018, Animations from "Torvid's Barn"

2018, Escape From the Barn Game

Note! This project was not made by me! It was Designed, Programmedand and Animated by @WaffleMouse!
I helped out with 3D models and some of the code (pathfinding)

2018 Renders


2017 Renders

2016, Poses from the Lion Game

2016, Animations from the BurdGame

2016 Renders and screenshots

Last updated 2024-02-09

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