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Escape the barn

This game is something of a sequel to the barn game. The wolf has somehow managed to escape the barn and is now on the run from Torvid! You control him in a turn based strategy game to avoid detection and escape!
Slight problem though, there's no way to escape. Torvid is just letting you have your fun until he gets horny enough that he decides to chase you down. You can stall by sneaking around and collecting health packs, but you'll wind up under his paw sooner or later! :)

Developer: Waffle Mouse
Relase: 2019-08-19
Platforms: Windows
FA Page: [link]


Portable version

Dispite being on my website, this game was actually created by Waffle Mouse.
Control the wolf by using your mouse to direct him around the map. Collect health packs to heal and increase your score while avoiding Torvid. Use trees to block line of sight and tall grass to reduce the distance from which you can be seen!

Careful though, Torvid gets hornier the longer he waits. The hornier Torvid gets, the more he can move on his turn. It's also harder to struggle free from a hornier gryphon, and he'll probably be rougher with you too, causing you to lose health quickly. If Torvid gets too horny, he'll just squish you so hard that you won't be able to escape!

Feel free to post your high score in the comments!
Control the wolf with the mouse.
Pan the camera with mouse or WASD
Rotate camera with Q and E
Struggle with X


Created by
Waffle Mouse

Programming help, Additional 3D modeling.

Last updated 2024-02-09

If you let me get at you, it's only a matter of time before you end up under my paws or in my beak.
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